Computer skills and Life skills training for Govt Panchayat Union Middle School, Kothavasal.

What are we going to do?

With the growing demand of skill enhancement in every field all over the world, it is very important that the students must posses computer skills and life skills to meet the requirements of the competitive world once they finish schooling. We have planned to train the government aided school students on computer skills and life skills, since they are least aware of it and they need it the most. As our motto says “Your success ,our passion”, our ultimate objective is to ensure success and enlighten the students with knowledge and skills to face the real world.

About the training:

  • AJ skill development will deploy exclusive trainers who are well trained on computer skills and life skills to train the students.
  • Computer and life skills training is given to the students of all classes and we have a separate syllabus for each grade.
  • Duration: 10 months (July 2019 - april 2020)
  • Students will have computer skills and life skills class twice in a week. In First class the students will be learning the concept and in the next class they will practice the concept in lab.
  • We ensure our training reaches all our students by conducting assessment once in a month. Based on the marks they score in assessment, if the student needs * * *
  • improvement or extra coaching we work on that and provide extra care.
  • In life skills training students will learn the life values. We have an exclusive syllabus for students of different age group on which we cover some topics like communication, self awareness, problem solving,creative and critical thinking, self respect, value of relationship,respect, emotional awareness and much more.
  • Materials will be provided to the students to work on each exercise. At the end of 3 months , a project will be given to the students on computer and life skills and based on the successful completion of each project the students will be awarded.

Why did we choose kothavasal school?

We were made to believe that only the private schools are better in developing our children and they have smart learning methodologies for the children, most of the parents prefer to admit their wards in private schools rather than government as they feel that their children would be more civilized and learn smart learning technologies and enhance them better than government school. But this school

“PUMS Kothavasal” overtakes all the private school in all means. A village that said “bye bye” to all private schools in and around for “panchayat union municipal school kothavasal” a government aided school. Students studying in this school are excellent in all activities. Along with education they learn karate,bhrathanatiyam, organic farming and much more skills better than the private school.


  • Awarded as Puthumaipalli by Govt Of Tamilnadu.
  • A/C Smart Class room.
  • Advance Computer Lab.
  • Experienced teachers.
  • Dedicated School van to pickup and drop students.
  • Extra coaching for students good in Sports & Literature.
  • Students maintaining organic farming land
  • Extra classes for Bharathanatiyam, Chess, Yoga, Silambam etc.,
  • Special class for Phonetics.

Saraswathi School In News Paper

Sometimes children go beyond elders in all aspects,which make us all wonder.Students of kothavasal school are learning farming along with studies. A picture of cultivated vegetables from school garden by students.

A long time plan to construct hand wash area for the students has come true now.

We sincerely appreciate our students participated and won prizes in various competitions like elocution,drawing,essay writing which took place in 3 levels. 4 out of 5 students from kothavasal bagged the prizes. We congratulate the below students.

Kothavasal school students have helped the schools which got destroyed by gaja cyclone. Learning humanity and helpfulness along with studies. They contributed what they could and sent it to “D4V” a social welfare organisation

Kothavasal school bagged third prize in science exhibition held in perambalur district Banana cultivated in school garden by students has been given to cook meal on (10.09.18) Kothavasal school student “shanmuga priya” got first prize in elocution competition conducted by Tamilnadu government school culturals association

Head master mr.elangovan was awarded and appreciated by education minister for his exemplary act of bringing the school to the next level Picture taken when students harvested the radish they cultivated in school garden


Students will attain ability to apply the acquired knowledge of computing appropriately, they will be able to implement

Each and everything they learn during the session.

Students will be able to face the world with confidence and number of participation in activities would improve drastically as they learn life skills.

Students would apply the lifeskills to solve the problems they face in life.