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Salesforce Developer is one of the most in-demand roles in the IT ecosystem. Even though the Salesforce platform is becoming more powerful using Admin tools (Process Builder & Flow for example), Salesforce Developers’ demand continues to outrun supply. The reason for this is most likely due to Salesforce not only being used as a basic CRM it made its footprint in Sales, Service, Marketing, HR, Accounting, all departments are being brought together. One of the common mindset people have about leaning Salesforce Development is it involves coding so it would be tough to learn, but Salesforce is beyond all the odds. It can be easily learnt by someone from a non IT background as it mostly involves customization and less coding. We at AJ Skill Development provide you with right study materials and use cases to learn and practice with ease.
If you’re a Salesforce newbie looking to become a Salesforce Developer, or possibly want to enhance your developer skill set
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Introduction to Apex Programming in Salesforce
Wrapper Class in Salesforce Apex Explanation With Example
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